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Wedding Dance Styles for the Newlyweds’s First Dance

September 12, 2019 | Posted in Trends, Uncategorized, Weddings

The first dance as newlyweds is truly special. It’s one moment in the wedding where it feels like there’s no one in the room but the two of you. You want those few minutes to be intimate but also creative in showing your love for one another. From the traditional waltz to more sophisticated dance styles and choreography there are lots of options to choose from. 

Slow Two-Step

Not every couple getting married wants to go through the trouble of practicing a dance. So, they opt for the basic slow two-step. This is a simple dance move in which the bride and groom sway back and forth in each other’s arms to the rhythm of the music. 

Classic Waltz

If you’re throwing a traditional or elegant wedding and reception you can keep the theme going by dancing the waltz. This is a bit trickier than the traditional sway or two-step in that it involves synchronized movements between partners. You can easily find a dance instructor, however, to teach you the box step and other moves to wow your guests. 

The Rumba

Take things up a notch and add a bit of spice to your reception with the rumba. The rumba is a very sensual dance style and everyone will feel the heat as you grind your hips to the beat. To pull off this hot Latin dance, you will need a bit more coordination. It requires smooth movement of the hips and arms so you’ll need to start practicing well in advance. 

Choreographed Dance

Some couples love the idea of being able to put on a real show for their guests. Instead of going with an intimate or sultry dance style, they put their best dance moves into a choreographed piece. Usually following along to their favorite song, the couple will come out and strut their stuff. If you’re going for a fun, free-spirited wedding reception going with a choreographed freestyle may be the best dance style. 

During the first dance, all eyes will be on you. While it may feel like there’s no one else in the room your guests are looking on to see the spark and chemistry that brought you two together. So, choose a dance style that works with your schedule, level of dance skills, and personality to put on a show they’ll never forget. 

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